Who we are

We are SPOUD. We are a team of real-time data lovers, innovators, and pioneers. The streaming-world is an essential part of our corporate culture – we have even built a Kafka-based table soccer scoreboard for our breaks.

Fun Facts & Milestoness

2016 First customer
2016 Founding SPOUD
2017 New office
2017 First retreat
2018 Pivot
2018 Investment
2019 Table soccer & Ping Pong table

Our Team

We are more than a team… SPOUD is our second family…

20 colleagues

The family of SPOUD includes more than 20 super enthusiastic real-time data Lovers.

10 foreign languages

Our family members are from different corners of the world and speak a total of 10 different foreign languages and even more programming languages.

Our mission

Love what you do

We love to tackle challenging problems and find creative solutions. We believe that our passion for every project we work on is what leads to exciting results.

Evolve every day

Constant flexibility is key to our business. We rely on our experience but are not limited to it. Every problem we solve evolves us and thus we evolve solutions

Fail fast, learn faster

When dealing with cutting edge problems, setbacks are unavoidable. Our success stems from quickly learning from mistakes and keeping at it relentlessly.

Open positions

Great talents can come from anywhere. Show us what you’ve got. We are always open to smart people who make a difference. Our process doesn’t involve recruitment agencies and we also don’t stick to CVs. If we like you, we simply invite you to our office to get to know and challenge each other.