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Data for Humans

Business is all hot for data. Yet, despite the urgency to switch on the data lightbulb, most people in organizations aren’t used to dealing with data on a regular basis.

Through our product, AGOORA and our service, Data Sprint we inspire organisations to evolve a data-driven culture!

We believe data transparency and clear responsibilities around data within any team would change everything: How you identify and interact with data, how you communicate data between IT and business. This is the key to a data-driven culture!

AGOORA encourages exactly this kind of collaboration with and around data, it helps you and your team understand that data is really there for humans.

Data maturity level with Use Cases

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Data Sprint

The SPOUD way to the future of innovative, data-driven solutions.



First, we need to understand your needs and challenges. We’ll need to get to the root of your struggles and find a common understanding. To do this we start by digging deep to fully grasp the problem and then, together, we decide what the best options and solutions are for you.



Through an iterative process, your internal team and our group of experts implement the previously selected idea in a design-driven development environment. We challenge technical feasibility as well as motivation and objectives.

We truly believe that away from the daily business, it is easier to focus on what really matters. You will be amazed at just how much you can accomplish in such a short period of time.



Then our data experts – together with your domain experts – implement the idea in an iterative process in a design-driven development process.

Remote Data Sprint

The original, in a new form


There are always opportunities to inspire people towards a data-driven future and to be a pioneer of a data-driven culture.

That’s why we’ve redesigned our service and now offer our formats remotely. This allows you to tackle your data challenges even when your team members work from home. Our Remote Data Sprints provide your team an accessible
innovation framework.


And since the Remote Data Sprint is the online form of the original SPOUD Data Sprint, you will receive all results, as well as recordings and a summary of the Remote Workshop in digital form for free use.



Discover our Online-Workshops and let us take you to the next level of your data culture!


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