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In a world where streaming data is part of everyday life, there is a growing need for faster analytics. This data holds crucial information that is essential to understand your customers, company, and competitors. In other words, data is the backbone needed to drive your business.

But transitioning towards a data-driven organization has many challenges.
We observe three main challenges on this journey:

Missing Data Literacy

Missing Data Infrastructure

Missing Ecosystems

Two ways to start the journey

SPOUD combines two different offers that help you solve these challenges and be inspired by all the amazing possibilities that data holds for your future.


Our professional services help companies push their organization to the next digitalization level by implementing a streaming data use case together. We use our expertise in event-driven technologies to enable companies to extract real-time insights from the next generation of Big Data.

SPOUD Data-Market

A data-driven company needs all its people to be able to drive data. Our product, the SPOUD Data Market (SDM), is an intelligent enterprise integration platform that empowers employees ranging from business to IT to understand and connect with data assets and data specialists.


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