You want a job? Then look elsewhere, because we are looking for pioneers, explorers and pirates

Passionate people with an unwillingness to accept needless boundaries. An urge to create, be proud of things built, and love for everything growing and living. That’s us, SPOUD. We are pioneers in the field of real-time data stream processing, data logistics and analytics software. We create real-time high-value insights into data that change the way our clients do their business. We blend expertise in near real-time messaging technologies, machine learning, statistics and data visualizations to create never-before-seen solutions. Our team needs pioneers with a pirate's heart. Specifically, we are looking for:

Senior Software Engineer

You will be working in our core development team and help us pushing forward our event-driven platform. As there is plenty of work to do on several fronts, you will be faced with various challenges and responsibilities in the area of Software Engineering, Data Engineering and DevOps.

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Data Scientist

You will be working in a multi-disciplinary team of data ninjas to bring machine learning techniques to a wide range of problems, including real-time sensor / log data and understanding the behaviour of our clients’ customers.

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DevOps Engineer

You will be working in our core platform team and help us steer our IT-operations in the right direction, including playing around and testing new technologies and always aiming for a steady and performant infrastructure.

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